R.I.P.C. offers six divisions of service:

I. Retail Inventory
R.I.P.C. will handle all aspects of your retail inventory. At R.I.P.C. we do it all, buy, sell, cycle,opening,closing,partial and liquidation inventories. We will set up your store, conduct the inventory and do post inventory follow-ups. We use state of the art equipment and produce reports that clearly show your inventory levels.  Every inventory is customized to fit each customers special needs. 

II. Prep Division

This Division will service all types of accounts. The purpose of the Prep Division is to give businesses the advantage of having experienced inventory people prepare their store for a complete and accurate inventory. R.I.P.C. will take this division to new heights and will prepare a store for inventory even if we are not conducting the physical inventory. Stop overtime costs and let the experienced people come prepare your store for your next inventory, not only will you save your valuable money, you will have better inventory result.

III. Consultation

There are many unanswered questions regarding the inventory process and the procedures of a complete and accurate inventory. R.I.P.C. will
consult with any customer to share our
experience, answer questions, and walk you 
through the complete inventory process from 
start to finish. 

IV. Audit
Every inventory requires an Auditor, usually from the company doing the inventory or from the staff of the store being inventoried. R.I.P.C. also offeres an independent auditing service. 
At R.I.P.C. we have three major concerns when it comes to auditing an inventory: the integrity of the inventory,the accuracy of the inventory and customer satisfication.

V. Inventory Seminar
R.I.P.C. now offers a complete Inventory Seminar to all business owners and their employees.  In many cases inventory that is thought to be lost is actually on your shelves or in your stock room.  Due to poor preparation which leads to poor inventory counts the merchandise was not counted or counted the wrong way. RIPC will teach you what to look for and how to look for it.  At RIPC we want to teach you the entire inventory process to keep your business running with a full inventory. 

​VI. Cleaning Division
R.I.P.C. now has a Cleaning Division that services business as well as homes.  As a result of our dedication to serve our customers with a variety of professional services, our cleaning division now services banking centers ,stores and a major attorney in the Piedmont Triad area.  Our rapid growth in this division is a testament to our ability to service our customers to the fullest.
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