At R.I.P.C. Inventory our mission is to Join Hands With Retail America For a Brighter Tomorrow, by education.

The Inventory process is more than just counting your stock, it's a complete and total process that most retailers are not familair with. At R.I.P.C. you will receive the complete package. We work hard to give the best 

In my more than two decades in the Inventory industry, I've always felt that there was never enough done to educate retail america on the complete inventory process. At R.I.P.C. along with conducting retail inventories we concentrate on the aspects of the inventory process that make the actual inventory count as timely and accurate as possible , without disturbing the integrity of it all. At R.I.P.C. we are able to provide these services, by educating each employee thoroughly on the complete inventory process, and by demanding complete and total professionalism,dedication and determination to satisfy our customers. Once our employees meet the standards required they are then able to assist in educating each customer.

Our guaranteed program will show you how to save money, get your business properly prepared for it's inventory and see a rise in your inventory levels through clear and concise inventory taking.

Let R.I.P.C. handle all your inventory needs.

Thank you,
Jay F. Muchita

Joining Hands With Retail America For a Brighter Tomorrow